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Bit JackSuperior graphics and stunning animations are the normal features found in Bitcoin casinos and gambling sites. However, Bit Jack, a gambling website dedicated for blackjack betting, veers away from the norm, and instead, relies on simplicity to provide quality online gaming.

The main purpose of this site, as detailed on its page, is to make blackjack gaming easy and fast, enabling numerous bettors to increase their potential to enjoy and win. Thus, the game is simple enough, straight to the point, and is free of any clutter or other elements.

Even though Bit Jack employs a minimalist approach, it does not negatively affect the site’s function of serving as an online gambling venue for blackjack enthusiasts. In fact, it makes the game more appealing to some extent, especially for bettors who are focused on winning and prefer the raw appeal of the classic card game.

A quick visit to this gambling site, therefore, should not scare or disappoint you. Do take note, though, that having a registered account is a must, and that lacking one will not permit you in any possible way to play Bitcoin blackjack. Therefore, signing up for an account is imperative, and it takes only a few seconds before you are redirected to the betting interface.

All in all, there are only two buttons to click to begin a game: Free Hand or Make a Bet. Choosing the first option activates the free play mode, which, as the name suggests, allows you to play the game without making a wager. However, if you wish to win actual bitcoins, simply choose the other option and be prompted to place a bet.

It is important to note, however, that a time limit per game of 600 seconds is observed. This means that if your time runs out without finishing the game, you automatically lose your bet. Clicking the Hit or Stand buttons, meanwhile, should help you progress in the game, but make sure that you are aware of the card values because the game does not add up the total value of your hand but shows the cards.

Moreover, make sure to be knowledgeable of certain strategies to win payouts. This Bitcoin blackjack game pays 3 to 2, so expect better payouts in every win. Winning in games, however, is not the only way you can earn on Bit Jack. You can also increase your total balance through its attractive affiliate program.

The affiliate program featured here generously pays out 2.5% of the winning payouts of all your referrals. Therefore, if you have invited several players and they have accumulated a win amounting to 1 BTC, you will get your share right away and find 0.0375 BTC immediately added to your bankroll.

Aside from this, making a deposit and a withdrawal is absolutely easy. This website does not introduce new ways of transferring funds, so the steps should already be familiar. Be advised, though, of the one confirmation required for the deposit.

Overall, the simplicity of Bit Jack is the element that makes it stand out and appealing, especially to fans of blackjack who want nothing but pure gaming. Those who prefer eye-catchy graphics and design, however, may find this Bitcoin blackjack site too simple for their taste.

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