Blackjack Tips

Like any other casino game, Blackjack has its do’s and don’ts. Yes, it’s a simple game with two cards to start, one rival to beat and above all, only two decisions to make. But there’s more to this game than meets the eye. There are Bitcoin Blackjack rules. Furthermore, knowing what you should and shouldn’t be doing when you play Bitcoin Blackjack should be a big help to you, especially if you’re a novice player looking for the best strategies to practice your game with. So, here are some Blackjack tips that should be taken into account for a positive and enjoyable gameplay.

Tip 1 Learn and understand the game’s basic strategies and utilize them. This will also help you figure out when to make what move when playing, instead of randomly hitting or standing.

Tip 2 Hit at any number less than 15, or if you have a soft 17 or lower.

Tip 3 Don’t hit with totals greater than 15 if the dealer’s face up card is low.

Tip 4 Don’t be too confident with your bets. If you happen to get a bad run of cards, it may cost you a lot and may dent your bankroll.

Tip 5 Don’t believe that Blackjack is just about luck. Come to the tables armed with winning strategies and play wisely. You should definitely do what you can to educate yourself more by learning about probability and different gaming techniques.

Tip 6 Never use the Martingale theory. There’s too much risk involved. The theory says that you should double your stake after every loss, and keep doubling if you win. Remember to always play within your limits. Blackjack tables have maximum bet sizes, so always play safe.

Tip 7 Don’t play when you’re drunk. Remember that alcohol beverages are free for a reason; when you’re drunk this will lead to impaired judgment, hence poor decision-making, hence more money that stays in the house. Always know your limit to make sure you stay sharp.

Always consider these Blackjack tips when playing to minimize losses and maximize success. Have fun, make sure to try out Bitcoin Blackjack, and good luck!