6 to 5 Bitcoin Blackjack

The 6 to 5 Bitcoin blackjack game online is definitely worth playing!

Recently, there has been a lot of controversy about the change in the payout rules for blackjack in casinos. In a normal game, the payout is supposed to be 3:2. This means that players betting $10 will win $15 if they had a good hand. However, the new 6:5 rule means that a player betting $10 gets short of $3 and receives $12. You might want to believe that the casino gets the other 1.39%!

This is what upsets blackjack players; they are looking at their losses whereas casinos are making a profit. What they do not realize is that casinos do not make profits off their players, or rip them off in any way—they are probably charging them for some background service. Nonetheless, there are always options that you can explore according to your budget—play Bitcoin blackjack games.

You can always play using bitcoins, which is a special opportunity only Bitcoin platforms offer, and they are just a few in number. Besides, using this option offers you anonymity as well. Another added advantage of using bitcoins is that you do not have to wait too long after cashing out your winnings.

Of course, every player has a budget, and sadly, most online casinos have high minimum bets. You can still find some casinos with a minimum bet of $5, and have the flexibility to increase the stakes according to your wish. The rules of the game on online casino platforms are generally fair in the 6 to 5 Bitcoin blackjack game. Each time a dealer has a hand of seventeen and higher, he or she can stand the hand. The player can hit any hand that is soft seventeen or below.

There will be insurance when a player’s hand is a blackjack. If you had made a wager, and the dealer uncovered the blackjack, you receive a payout at 2 to 1 (standard odds). Players also have the option to surrender, and can turn on the fast pay option to speed up the game. You can always adjust the speed of the game.

Therefore, to have a great gaming experience with the 6 to 5 Bitcoin blackjack, make sure you play on the best Bitcoin casinos like Satoshibet, Betcoin Casino, and Bitcasino.io. Register with them, and feel free to use bitcoins. If you are a newbie at this game, then you might want to learn the baccarat rules first.