Blackjack Winning Strategy

Now that you’re familiar with the fundamental strategies and Bitcoin Blackjack rules, it’s time to move on to the next level: outlining a Blackjack winning strategy. Lots of strategies were created to beat the house, but you should understand that different strategies appeal to different players. In the end, it’s up to you on which strategy you’re going to use. With so many strategies available online, you need to choose a strategy that suits your style and most of all, a strategy that will give you a sure win.

Next time you head out to play Blackjack, keep these “killer strategies” in mind to secure higher odds of winning.

Use Blackjack systems for success

Paroli, Parlay, and 1-3-2-6 system are three of the most popular Blackjack systems that will help improve your chances of winning. Keep in mind, though, that when using any of these systems it’s important to decide the maximum amount of your bet, and stick to that amount. This will ensure you don’t continue playing for too long.

Always stick to the basics

Even professional players fail too, so always learn and understand the game’s basic strategies and use them. This will help you figure out when to make what move when playing, instead of making random decisions on the Blackjack tables.

Card counting

Card counting is the most widely used Blackjack winning strategy there is. It’s recommended that you keep at least some track of the cards, and if you’re really into card counting, try getting some tips from the pros.

Know your limits

Always accept the fact that you can lose. Avoid chasing losses and know your limits. It’s not wise to quickly change your strategy out of frustration. This will result into the risk of increasing the house’s advantage. It’s also wise to place small bets when you play a long session.

Note that any Blackjack winning strategy can’t give you 100% assurance of winning. However, disciplined playing and a good foundation of basic strategies is the key to enjoy the game to its fullest. Learn more on how to find your own Blackjack winning strategy by reading more on Best Bitcoin Blackjack.