Blackjack Systems

Blackjack is considered as a game of skill and players should be armed with the right strategy in order to beat the house, especially when dealing with Bitcoin Blackjack. Because Blackjack is known as one of the most popular casino table games in the world, many mathematical researchers have developed various Blackjack systems to win more in Blackjack.

To the uninitiated, a betting system is a method wherein players can have the ideal way to manage their bets and bankroll. Most of the Blackjack systems are mainly relying on the span of the game and how much is the bankroll.

Paroli System

Paroli is the opposite of the Martingale betting system. When you play using the Paroli system, you always increase the amount of your bet every time you win. When you lose, you reduce your bet until you’re back at the size of your initial bet. You will then continue to bet this amount until you win again. Hence, the risk of losing a large portion of money from your bankroll is minimized.

Parlay System

The basic premise behind this betting system is that when you win, the value of your new bet will be your old bet, plus your profit. With this system, you can turn a small bet amount into a large profit. However, if you lose, you lose everything.

1-3-2-6 System

When using this system, you bet according to a certain pattern. First you bet a certain amount. If you win, you bet three times the initial bet. Then, you bet twice the original amount. Lastly, you bet six times the original amount. According to this system, you can win four times in a row at best. After these four bets, you start over again on your original bet.

When you use these Blackjack systems it’s important to decide the maximum amount you will bet, and always stick to that amount. Remember that it’s wise to place small bets especially if you play a long session or if you’re new to this game. This way, you can maximize your winning potential as well as the joy when you play Bitcoin Blackjack. Read more about it on Best Bitcoin Blackjack and be updated on the new Blackjack systems.