Play Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most widely played games in the world. The simple rules and the fact that it still manages to be thrilling despite the simplicity assures its place as a casino favorite. Only slot games are more popular and those require the use of machines, while a deck of cards is what’s needed to play blackjack.

However, the biggest attraction it has is the fact that people can control it. Unlike dice or slots, players have input on the strategy. They can increase their chances of winning with smart play.

Some Background

The origin of blackjack is pretty obscure. Blackjack’s ancestor was twenty-one, a game with unknown origin and was played as far back as the 1600s. It has survived this long in various forms, but it truly became blackjack when it arrived in the US. The blackjack name comes from one of the bonus payouts given out. Players would get a ten-to-one payout if the player’s hand consisted of the ace of spades and a black jack. The name stuck, though, the bonus was removed.

Why play blackjack?

There are several reasons you should play Blackjack. Here are some of them:

Strategy can win the game

Blackjack is the favorite among players who prefer skill to luck. Dice and slots are random. They can fail you anytime, but the cards have to follow the rules. You can win blackjack games with tactics like card counting, mathematical probabilities of doubling and splitting down, and dealer-bust possibilities. Smart play can lead you to beating the dealer regularly.

A lot of options

There’s no choice when you throw that dice or pull that lever. With blackjack, you’ve got a lot of choices every turn. Will you hit, stand, double or split? You’ll need to know the best choice. In the end, successful players use a combination of strategy and risk taking to win the game. Remember to learn some basic strategies and not just rely on luck.

Maximum thrills

Playing blackjack also delivers the thrill of the unknown. You don’t know the next card or if you think you do, your calculation may be off. Seeing whether you are right or wrong can deliver the adrenaline pumping action that all gamblers love.

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