Playtech Reimagines Playing Blackjack Online

Playtech Reimagines Playing Blackjack Online

When looking for the best Bitcoin blackjack options out there, most of the time it can get boring. There is not a lot one can do with the basic rules of blackjack to spice it up. A lot of software developers for the game focus on the graphics and making it as fair as possible.

Playtech, a leading gambling software developer, plans to change that. It has recently licensed 21+3 Blackjack from Games Marketing, a proprietary table games provider. This latest variant for blackjack is looking to be a popular one because it adds to the excitement of the game.

Mixing poker with blackjack

The idea behind is that depending on the player’s two cards and the dealer’s face-up card, there is a chance of winning an additional bet. This is possible if the three combined cards can form a straight, flush, three-of-a-kind, straight flush or suited three-of-a-kind. The end result is that players would experience an amusing mash-up between traditional poker and blackjack.

This combination can have players who are new comers to either game, but are familiar with the other to enjoy it even more. In addition to making the game a bit more exciting, 21+3 Blackjack offers enhanced payouts. An example of this is when players score a suited three-of-a-kind hand. This can result in a jackpot that is 100 times the original side bet

Solid Playtech reputation

The great thing about the license agreement is that it is about the side bet itself. This means it may end up appearing in the whole range of Playtech’s products. Although not a favorite of Bitcoin casinos, Playtech does have deals and partnerships with some of the biggest developers out there and people may encounter it in table games that are featured at online casinos to live casino offerings.

Playtech is a great company with international reach. Founded in 1999 and with over 4,500 employees in 13 countries, Playtech is a leading player in the online gambling industry. Having this side bet included in their offerings will only enhance the company’s reputation. Kevin Kilminster, Playtech’s Head of Live Casino Innovation, has this to say about it:

“The 21+3 side bet is a great addition to the classic live casino Blackjack game and puts the excitement of poker into every hand. It will appeal both to those players who are familiar with either card game, as well as new customers who have never played Blackjack before, and we’re delighted to offer even more chances to win.”

Players should expect to see the 21+3 blackjack game online being featured in Playtech games soon.