Live Bitcoin Blackjack: Giving it A Chance

Live Bitcoin Blackjack: Giving it A Chance

Though it is tempting to stick to free Bitcoin blackjack games, there comes a time when players should go beyond your safe zone and really start wagering. Players who are nervous about trying out the normal software blackjack games being offered should try out live dealer blackjack games.  Though the rules are essentially the same, there are several important differences.

Live dealer advantages

First of all, live dealer casinos have a different operational underpinning. Online gambling software is very dependent on algorithms and random number generators. This can make people hesitate in trusting a game. This is why a lot of gaming sites have a way to ensure that the gambling software is honest.

This either comes in the form of independent auditing or, more recently, the use of provably fair technology. The difference with live casinos is that people can see the cards being shuffled or the wheel being spun in front of them. It is a lot easier to trust a game when you can see the dealer giving out the cards. The randomness seems more trustworthy.

Second, live dealer games provide the players with an offline casino atmosphere. People like the convenience of gambling at home, but what they really want is to feel the chips in their hand and sitting at the edge of that table. VR has come a long way, but it is not there yet. This is what live dealer games can offer.

Finally, live dealer games allow for more interaction. Playing at an online casino is often a lonely experience, with gamblers merely clicking on a button or two. Live dealer games allow people to interact with dealers and other players. The dealer talks to the players and can even respond to chat messages.

Going live

Right now, live dealer casino games typically have roulette, blackjack, and baccarat tables. This is mostly because they are popular and are easy to simulate. If players want to try out live dealer games, there are several casinos they can try the live casino tables out at.

A lot of the live dealer software in the world comes from Ezugi, but there are other operators out there. Several online casinos have added the live dealer feature, mostly thanks to Bitcoin. This is because it makes international transactions easier.

For those interested in trying out live dealer software that includes free Bitcoin blackjack games and more, they must check out if their favorite casino offers these live games. If it does, players must simply log in and try it out to feel the difference.