Bitcoin Video Blackjack

Unlike video poker and poker, online video blackjack is pretty similar to its base game of blackjack. With Bitcoin video blackjack, the same rules of blackjack are followed, so it is simple enough to use the same strategies to win. Here are some tips to help a player to win that big jackpot.

When to double down

When you double your initial bet on a blackjack hand, you double down. You can potentially win big but will only be able to draw a single card after. This is a huge risk, so only do it in these circumstances:

  • If you get a total of 11, do not hesitate if the dealer shows a 10 or an ace.
  • If you get a total of 10 and the dealer’s card has a 9 or less.
  • If you get a total of 9 and the dealer’s card is between 2 to 8.

Double down when your cards total 9 and the dealer has a 4, 5, or 6. There is a high chance of winning in these circumstances.

Always split two 8s

Another special circumstance when playing blackjack is splitting. This means you get two hands with your two cards, each getting a chance to win. It can be hard to determine when to do this. A good rule of thumb is to always split the two 8s. This is because two 8s make a 16, and that is the worst hand in blackjack because of the chance of going bust. Splitting the two 8s raises your chances of getting a winning hand from one of the two.

Never split two 10s

Another rule of thumb is to never split a hand valued at 20. This is because it is an excellent hand. The goal in blackjack is to reach 21 or to beat the opponent’s hand. With a 20 on the first two cards dealt to you then you’ve got a good chance of winning. The only way to beat you is by getting 21.

More tips on splitting pairs

Here are a few more tips on splitting:

Two aces are good to split since two aces give you either 2 or 12. Splitting them will get you 11 in both hands. Next, do not split pairs of 4s or 5s. Another tip is to split your pair of sevens when the dealer is holding 3 through 7.

There are more tips that you can learn as you play Bitcoin blackjack, though, so keep playing to learn more.